June 5, 2017

Preview Service

With our church launch only a few months away our team has scheduled three preview services to get the ropes of a portable church down before we open to the public in September.  

The first of these services was last Sunday.  For our team it was an exhausting but blessing filled weekend.  On Friday everything was loaded in the trailer.  The team met in our rented space on Saturday to practice an entire set up and tear down.  This was an amazing idea as it gave us an opportunity to work out the bugs and for everyone to learn their roles before we had an actual service.  We did no advertising at all and were so blessed at the number of people who have heard about Collective by word of mouth and came out from the community for worship.  A gentleman who has planted many churches came out from one of our supporting churches and asked how many people in worship were team members.  When he heard that not one person in the service was a team member because they were all serving elsewhere he commented he has never seen anything like that.  Praise the Lord!  I can't wait to see what happens in September.     

Allen and I with a few of the kids serve on the Connections team.  It is so amazing to work with such a group full of enthusiasm for God's work.  We had about 70 people serving on Sunday.
 Addison helped to make another mama comfortable when he connected with her little boy.  He has such a gift for winning the hearts of people.  I was just talking with his therapist today about all that happened last weekend... An hour drive to DC at sunrise for a race.  An hour drive home.  Another hour to his horseback riding show.  Riding in the hot, hot sun.  Another hour back home.  Company until 1:00 am and then out the door for set up and service from 7 -2.  Followed by lunch out with team members before heading home.  He totally rocked the whole thing.  A year ago we could hardly take Addison just to sit in an hour long worship service.  He has come so very far.  So grateful for God's grace and healing!
 Door men.  No job is too small.  Love these fellows who were so happy to hold the doors and greet visitors.
 And my girls entertaining each other while I worked on last minute details in our area.  These girls have been so amazing during our crazy these last five or six months.  From saying goodbye to life long friends to missing family dinners and keeping up with school work... always willing to sit quietly or lend a hand.  They just go with the flow.  So blessed.  Love my girlies.
 We had a private team worship and communion before visitors arrived.  I LOVE this idea that gives up opportunity to be part of worship, hear the sermon and still serve.
 Emma entertaining babies in children's ministry
 Brianna and Jenny signing kids in for children's ministry.  The caffeine was totally taking over by this point.  
 Team recap after reloading the trailer.  Wow it was a loooong, HOT day.  So grateful we were part of it.

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