June 10, 2017

Week In Review 6-4-17

Long ago in a world before Addison and house building I made a point of posting a few photos from the previous week each Thursday.  We love looking back at these and remembering little moments we had forgotten and I love the weekly motivation to remember to take photos of the daily living as my little ones grew into big ones.  I determined to get back to that practice and somehow my goal of Saturday has already turned into Tuesday.  But here it goes.  A few snippets of our crazy world this week.

Our week started with our first Preview service.   

Samuel's play dough fruit bowl
So back in April we watched Moana for family movie night.  The kids love the music.  Personally, I thought it was an unbearably stupid movie full of so many questionable issues I don't even want to waste time going there.  However, for whatever reason, Addison absolutely LOVED it.  The next morning we had eight hours in the van to and from a wedding.  The girls downloaded the album and he was literally swooning.  Hands clapping.  So excited he was shaking from head to toe.  Now every time he gets in the van he shouts, "Moana" at the very top of his adorable little voice.  Cute as it is, I'm here to tell you, if you haven't experienced the Moana soundtrack for eight hours then you should be on your knees thanking the Lord your child was four during, let's say, the Rapunzel or Frozen phase.  But he Loves it.  On Tuesday he had to go to the doctor and have an abcess on his foot dealt with.  Afterwards, we stopped at the grocery store.  At which time two totally out of character things happened.  1- I bought sugar cereal  2- It had Moana plastered on the box.  Addison was so excited he hugged the box all the way to the checkout.  And all the way home.  And all the way as he ran to the kitchen shouting for the other kids to see his cereal.  And then proceeded to eat a big old bowl for lunch.  If someone had told me before Addison that I would make such a purchase or be happy because my kid ate it I would never have believed it.  But here is the picture to prove it.  
 We had some amazing weather days before the heat set in over the weekend.  It was warm enough to be outside having a blast during the day but not uncomfortably so and cool enough to put on sweaters and bundle up under blankets on the deck in the evening.  We took advantage of the time to enjoy happy hour on the front porch Monday evening.  
 Two drivers down. Seven to go.  Emma took her permit test and started driving lessons last week.
 Brianna and Addison at dinner after he took a nose dive on the porch and scratched up his pretty little face.
 Thursday evenings we have a group of about 30 friends and neighbors who meet at our house for dinner and Bible study.  We have so much fun and it has been awesome to see God working in our little Collective.  Last week we took advantage of the weather and the progress on our deck and gathered outdoors.

I love having neighbors who just drop by for a visit.  Addison loves having a little someone his size to play with.
 He and baby Aidan spent an hour climbing in and out of this cart and playing peek a boo.
When you have construction... you always have so many vehicles.  And many of them happen to be big white Ford trucks.  I often have trouble finding  a place to park our own cars.  Especially, on Tuesdays when Addison's therapists come and go adding more cars to the mix.
 Because my heart LOVES this little boy and him hugging his cookie monster in his sleep makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.
While everyone else worked on the upstairs Saturday morning, Elisabeth and Carmella dragged everything into their new room to have a tea party.
And play dress up
With all classes and lessons officially over until fall we shifted into full summer mode last week.  So. Very. Happy.

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