December 3, 2017

Candlelight Vespers

The Candlelight Vespers at Hood College is one of our favorite ways to celebrate the Christmas Season.  

Addison is a bit of a legend at Hoods music programs.  And this night did nothing to dampen his reputation.  He enjoyed Addison the music so much, even conducting from our pew at times, so that the conductor came down to comment after the service.  

Carmella was thrilled to be old enough to hold her own candle this year.  

How can Elisabeth be so grown up?

Looking down and seeing the light of our family illuminate a row makes my heart warm.  I pray their hearts always light the way for the world.

So grateful everyday for the opportunity to know and love these people.

Wishing for a joyous season as we celebrate our Savior  of light.

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