Meet the Family

Many readers have emailed, confused over who's who in my family. With nine people averaging three nicknames each it can get a bit confusing (even for me!) so here is a brief bio on each of my family members to hopefully prevent further confusion.

My husband, Allen, is an electrical engineer who works hard and travels much to provide for our family. He is a hard worker, loves to give whatever he has, is wise in his own quiet way and tries hard to be funny. All the babies love Allen and it amazes me how fast he can put any baby to sleep. I think it's his calm, steady heartbeat that so well reflects his calm, steady personality.
Kaitlin (22) runs her own online business, A Stitch In Lives. She is a brilliant seamstress and passionate about missions and supporting causes dear to her. 50% of all profits from her shop are donated to various charities. She is the actress and comedian of the family, always singing, performing and entertaining us all.  She loves to knit, crochet and cook.  In addition to being an accomplished pianist her latest endeavor is learning to play the flute.

Brianna (18) is also known as Nana.  She is talented at anything she puts her mind to.  One day it is web design and the next it might be planning a gathering for a hundred of our closest friends.  Brianna is a gifted artist, craftsman, musician and writer.  She is not a bad cook, either, if she doesn't get distracted and forget what she put in the oven.  Her creativity and energy soar when she is finding ways to bring a smile to someone else's face.  No matter what she is up to, above all you can bet it will be posh.

Emma (14) is a brilliant artist and one of the sweetest most caring people you will ever meet. Don't let the quiet exterior fool you...she is full of the good old Italian passion. Emma makes the best bread in the world and loves to run.  She also is incredibly brilliant and is currently studying Greek and Italian. In her free time Emma sings, plays piano and is learning the violin.  Did I mention she makes the best bread ever?
Nathaniel (12) is our map and flag man. It is not uncommon to see him pouring over an atlas just as enthralled as he would be over a Peanuts comic book. He loves all things British and is a rather classy dresser.  He loves to play trombone and piano and will spend an evening waltzing around the living room with his sisters.

Aedan (11) has the most contagious smile, is one of the wisest people I have ever met.  He can quote Pooh Bear and Proverbs forward and backward. He is always brightening my day with his kind words and sweet gestures.  Aedan is honing his skills in art, on the piano and with the trumpet.  He hopes to play 8 more instruments by the time he graduates.

Samuel (8) is the all American boy, just full of energy and fun. Everything is a
treasure in his eyes and he can often be found collecting odd bits and bobs and piecing them together into amazing inventions. In the creek or up a tree Samuel had a good time.  He plays the saxophone with beautiful style and anything and everything outdoors. He is definitely the kid most likely to be a smoke jumper.
Elisabeth/Ellie (6) is our little Princess. Her first word was "bling" and that pretty much sums up her personality. She is everything Fancy Nancy and Eloise with pink and glitter everywhere. She loves to talk and will talk to anyone and tell them anything. :) She has a unique gift for making friends in any situation and always walks away from a gathering with several new friends. She loves Rapunzel, princesses, playing doctor and helping take care of the babies.  When she grows up Elisabeth wants to, "Take care of my kids, be a doctor, play the violin and be an Olympic skater."

Carmella (2) is the most thoughtful, bossy, intelligent, classic kid who you just want to scoop up and smother in hugs and kisses. She is named for my Italian grandmother and is the quintessential little Italian. She adores baby Henry and is such a good sister for him, always teaching him and encouraging him to do whatever she is doing. She loves helping and absolutely adores doing laundry (of all things!) and will beg to be allowed to help. She is very independent and never asks for help, always insisting, "I can do it!".
Addison (9 months) is his official name but we have called him Henry since before he was born. It suits him so well he will probably be Henry forever. Addison was born in April of 2013 and shortly afterward diagnosed with Down Syndrome. He can charm anyone with his famous smile. He spends much of his day in intense therapy, which he isn't the biggest fan of.  Yet he takes it in his usual easy going manner and with a smile on his face. He is currently learning to crawl and stand up. He loves classical music, Handel especially (yes, already a snob!) and we have him pegged to be a Harvard alumni and physicist. Our prayer from the time of his conception was that he would change lives. Already people have shared with us amazing ways he has touched their lives...we are so proud of him and can't wait to see how God uses his life!

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  1. Kat, I didn't realize that you had put this page out there. Love this. You have the most beautiful children, big and small. Good genes. Love reading your blog, been missing it, but I know you are busy.